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On today's Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis speaks with Debbie A. Anderson and Katrina Taylor on Psychic Mediumship, Vibrational-Energy Healing. In Segment two, with Karine Gordineer on Plant Communication and Plant Music for self healing. 

Featured Music: Frog Dancing, David Anthony Clark, Sunrise Prayer, by Douglass Spotted Eagle


Debbie A. Anderson is a lifelong natural healer, clairvoyant & teacher. Her psychic mediumship has led her to the creation of Vibrational Healing Energy, a hands-on healing technique that applies gentle touch with body communication. Debbie is also the creator of Vibrational Energy Deck, the Vibrational Earth Children & The 'I AM' Affirmation Decks. Website: http://www.vibrational-energy.com

Katrina Taylor is a mother, writer, an Empathic Reminder, an apt pupil of the cosmos and a modern-day mystic. She is a Life Coach, animal communicator and professional pet groomer. Blog link: http://www.coachingbykat.me Email: coachingbykat@gmail.com 

Karine Gordineer, MH, RM, Founder of Green Girl Herbs & Healing, is a Plant Spirit Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Native American Herbalist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Educator, offering individual energetic healing sessions, herb consultations, and classes. Her introduction into herbalism and Earth healing practices began when she was a child learning from her father who was of Mahican Indian ancestry. Her work is based on the belief that living apart from our divine connection with the Creator, the Earth, and the Spirit Beings of Nature, forms a split in our souls that must be healed in order to restore balance to ourselves, our communities, and our Planet. Website: https://www.greengirlherbs.net Workshop: https://www.opencenter.org/plant-communication-plant-consciousnessSaturday, August 510:30-6:00 PM


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