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On today's Heart Of Mind Radio, Kathryn Davis will speak about this weekends New Life Expo with guests Andrew Kaen, Alen Steinfeld and Mark Becker


Andrew Kaen is Founder and Executive Producer of We, the World’s Planet Heart annual world peace earth day celebration which 2017 will be the tenth anniversary and an Ambassador For Peace. He is also a vibrational sound channel/healer, singer/soulwriter and vibrational poet sharing his gifts to be a connector and transmitter for world peace and unity consciousness which this year marks 20 years ago when he was activated with channeling, telepathy, clairsentience and other metaphysical gifts as well as receiving higher dimensional frequencies of galactic sound channeling, music chants songs, and sacred poetry all connected to the theme of oneness and peace. His name Andrew Kaen if scrambled is an ACRONYM spells ReAwakennd, which he feels is his true Soul Name to be ReAwakennd Andrew Kaen Re Awakening others to remember who we are, we are all one heart beat beating with earth mother Gaia and all living creatures and plants. He is also a vocal graduate of LaGuardia HS of music and Art which was known for the movie FAME and has been singing since age 11.

Alan Steinfeld is a writer, filmmaker, acupuncturist and host of the popular television program New Realities has been investigating methaphysics and spiritual consciousness for the past 25 years. His idea is to bring forth new ideas and new paradigms that harness new realities for the unfoldment of our evolving selves. New Realities has been the leading edge, New Consciousness cable program broadcast from New York for the last 12 years. The series is hosted and produced by Alan Steinfeld and simulcast aroung the world on the internet at www.mnn.org. He has been a long time speaker and moderator of panels at the NEW LIFE EXPO and a host to many events around the country.    Website: www.newrealities.com 

Mark Becker founded Serenity natural Healing Center in 1975 (NYC’s first non-religious yoga center). He is a master yogi with over 30 years experience and has trained over 1,000 instructors. Mark also founded the New Life Expo, which is now in its 27th year. NewLifeExpo.com

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