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Heart Of Mind Radio, August 21, 2021

On today’s Heart Of Mind, Radio for the NEW Millennium, host Kathryn Davis speaks about the importance of removing stress from our being. And how doing so can help to prevent and heal many common, yet serious poor health conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer's disease, accelerated aging and premature death. Kathryn shares some breath practices to get started on the journey towards improved wellness of being.

Email for ongoing program: QigongSelfCare@gmail.com

Featured Music: Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark; Silence by Vargo; Abangoma (The Healers) by Hugh Masekella;


Kathryn Davis is a Qigong Teacher, a facilitator of Meditation and Mind/body Relaxation Techniques, a practitioner of Reiki, Spiritually guided life force energy and the Sandlin Technique, and Indigenous healing based on Vision Quest and Shamanic Insight. She is founder of the Ku Li Sheng™, Healing System, which includes a Qigong form, postures and healing technologies. She has produced Heart Of Mind Radio since 2014 on the Progressive Radio Network and since 2000 on WBAI Pacifica Radio.

You may contact Kathryn by the following means:

(347) 480-1694 (Message)

Web Sites:
QigongOnLine.net   QigongSelfCare.net

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Email for information on Qigong Self Care Program starting  on Tuesday Aug 24, 2021:  QigongSelfCare.net

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