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On today's Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis gives a talk on extracting one's Soul Power from the external systems of mind-control. Following is a poem called Pleasure and Boredom, that relates to and is central to healing, and reconnecting to the innate power of the soul. 
Music: Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark

Pleasure and Boredom

by Kathryn Davis

I experience both the pleasure and boredom of being completely awake.

Not to claim there are no more potent expressions of wakefulness.

Like everything, there is a spectrum to its reality.



Moment to moment living in the act of awareness,

cognizant and open to that which is operational within my existence.

The drops of rain.

The scent of a cat's butt.

The sound of traffic.

The rivers of feeling, coursing through my veins.

The thoughts that impose and threaten to control the tender moments,

by casting it's net.

…Fisher of the soul.

Even time... that which does not exist, except through illusion, delusion or imposition.

The voice of multiple existence, in complex spectrum, inter-lapping and influencing the design...

in the act of creation.

We are the past. There is no future... just yet.

There are no gods. Except of our own creation. 


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