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On today's Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis speaks with Anna Gatmon, author of "Living a Spiritual Life in A Material World", to help demystify the often elusive nature of spirituality. Making spiritual truth accessible through material existence and real world experience.

Anna Gatmon, Phd: An international fashion model turned spiritual innovator. Anna is an educator, author, and expert in Transformative Learning. Her multi-cultural background spans the United-States, France, Israel, and Sweden. In her TEDx talk, You can Eat your Cake and Have Enlightenment Too, she shows how fully living our calling is the path to spiritual-material fulfillment and balance. Anna is creator of The Aligned Life Program, helping mission-driven professionals live and work in spiritual-material balance. Anna Gatmon is the author of the book Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World, The Four Keys to Fulfillment and Balance.
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