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On today's Heart Of Mind Radio for the NEW Millennium, host Kathryn Davis talks with two dynamic speakers on personal transformation. Joe Weston, author of the book Mastering Respectful Confrontation, is an international workshop facilitator, author, consultant coach and advocate for lasting peace. Gretchen Rubin, author of several books including her newest, being released in the spring: Outer Order, Inner Calm, is one of today's most influential and thought-provoking observers of happiness and human nature.

Featured Music:

Frog Dancing, by David Anthony Clark; Is Fada by Emer Kenney

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Guest Websites and Events:

Joe Weston: http://respectfulconfrontation.com/

Gretchen Rubinhttps://gretchenrubin.com/

Guest Bios:

Joe Weston is an international workshop facilitator, author, consultant, coach, and advocate for lasting peace. His book, Mastering Respectful Confrontation, is selling throughout the world. Joe has more than 30 years of experience in providing training to corporations, government agencies and nonprofits around the world addressing conflict prevention and resolution, leadership development, transforming work/social culture and deeper levels of collaboration. He is currently adjunct professor at Georgetown University, School of Government, Department of Conflict Resolution, teaching a course: Body-based skill building for navigating stress and confrontation. Born and educated in New York, Joe lived in Amsterdam for 18 years and now lives in Washington DC. Joe brings a wealth of insight to his work based on many teachings, including Tai Chi Chuan, mindfulness and a variety of traditions—plus his experience in theater and various organizational training, to create a unique style of training and coaching that combines theory with somatic exercises. His clients include NASA, The World Bank, Oxfam, KLM, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mitsubishi Motors and various government and educational institutions. Joe works with women’s rights and other humanitarian organizations in the Middle East and the US, focusing on empowerment and leadership, reframing power/masculinity, and overcoming gender-based violence. He has also worked with different veterans organizations, supporting returning and wounded veterans in their process of integration and healing, and has also volunteered for the Liberation Prison Project, teaching meditation and leadership to inmates.

Gretchen Rubin is one of today’s most influential and thought-provoking observers of happiness and human nature. She’s known for her ability to convey complex ideas with humor and clarity.  Gretchen is an Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 member, and is author of the best-sellers Happier at Home, The Four Tendencies, The Happiness Project, and her new book, Outer Order, Inner Calm comes out Spring 2019.  www.Facebook.com/GretchenRubin


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